anger how to deal with it

The truth is things won’t always go your way so you need to know how to deal with anger when it arises in order to nip it in the bud.
Move your focus Whatever the reason you are angry think of something that makes you happy, be positive - good always beats evil! Look ahead. Will this thing matter in an hour? Next month? In a year or two? The answer is usually no, so why bother?
Take Charge Know that you have a choice in this; remind yourself that you are choosing to get angry and that you are in control of your feelings. Take a step back and see if this anger is going to help you in any way, usually the answer is no. Even if you think you are right to be angry you always know deep inside the best way to solve this situation is to distance yourself from this anger.
Do not speak from this space Nothing will get done if you speak from this space, possibly you can just aggravate the situation and hurt people’s feelings. Some people may unfortunately keep pushing our buttons, if we do not respond in any way to their provocation; they will lose interest and not bother us in the future.
Empathy Put yourself in the other person’s shoes, see that most times the thing done to make you angry or the words said were not meant maliciously. Sometimes it’s best to remain quiet and not get defensive your calmness can shock others into realizing they are over reacting.
Meditation and Breathing Take deep breaths and concentrate on the breathing - this will help bring you to a calm space. Meditation is also a very good tool to integrate into daily life - not only when you are angry. Practicing meditation regularly can bring inner peace and calm which helps prevent getting angry in the first place.
Smile Last but not least the cure to most things - smile. A smile can say a million words and help diffuse most situations.
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